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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Day 30 - 30 Day Craft Challenge ~Free To Create ~

Day 30 of the 30 Day Craft Challenge and todays word is "Free to Create".
Today all participants including myself where free to create anything craft/art of any theme.
It has been a long 30 Days - but yet has gone so quick...I would like to Thank everyone of the participants who followed along with the challenge as without you all I probably would not have completed it myself.
Today I have not felt very inspired - I guess you get that when you have so many things happening in such a small window of time - moving house - driving the 1500 km back to my family from SA and having to leave my husband for 6 months to do so, as I made the choice to come back for family reasons...
When days like this come though the only thing you can do is take it easy and see what comes - and today this little card came - not really that impressed with it to be honest but as I have said in the past the creative process is the main objective and just the act of creating something - good or not so good is a healing tool.
Looking at this card now on the table in front of me - though I did not think I made it for any specific reasons -  but it now seems I made it for me!
Especially for me :) As the last 30 Days have most certainly been a journey and life and creativity continues to be Journey - and I would not have it any other way.
Tomorrow I will be posting the winner of the "Be in it to win it" Prize. A few little creative goodies will be coming the winners way :)
I hope you all have enjoyed the challenge and I look forward to more Crafty Challenges in the future...The album will be open for a few weeks for any participants wishing to, to catch up, so will be posting these projects every now and then.

Here is a few from yesterdays word
~ Animal ~

Carol McCann

Ellen Budden

Leanne Poke

Erin Boxsell

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Thanks everyone for a great challenge...
Keep creating and keep in touch
Kate xx

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