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Friday, 8 June 2012

Day 19 - 30 Day Craft Challenge ~Fun~

It's Day 19 of the 30 Day Craft Challenge and todays word is
Today I decided to edit some photos showing the FUN we had on a recent trip to Perth to visit my beautiful sister-in-law!
I love taking photos and playing around with effects - I am doing similar things as these photos for my wedding album and printing them onto different surfaces such as organza, silk and watercolour paper.
I really love to play around and get a different effect with a photo to bring out the emotion or feeling from the day/event and make the photo speak more. Each person sees and interprets things in a different way, that includs photos. Below are some of the photos I edited today, playing with different filters and effects.

A photo of my happy husband (who has in the last year taken up fishing) with his catch for the day :)

My Beautiful sister in law at beautiful Rockingham :)

This one I LOVE it is a photo from AQWA the Western Australian aquarium, the photo is of some jelly fish and I manipulated it with filters in photoshop - such a great effect am thinking I might make a canvas out of it down the track :)

I will be catching up on all the participant projects over the weekend so I will have some BIG blog posts to share with you,

Kate xx

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