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Thursday, 17 May 2012

So the blogging after February came to a stand still...with all the technology out there I have found it difficult to remember to post in facebook, on my website and also blog. So I have come up with a way to get me blogging on a more regular basis, and get use to the world of blogging.

I have set myself a challenge...

30 craft projects in 30 days!!!

Each will be placed on my blog each day with some tutorials and instructions on how to do some of the projects I will be completing.
I have also offered the challenge to some wonderful crafters in the Facebook world, so will not be completing this challenge alone :) I also will be choosing a project a day from those who join me in this challenge, to showcase on my Facebook business page and also here.

If you would like to join or follow me the link can be found below which includes all the details...

The challenge will begin on
May 21st and Continue through until June 19th 2012

To make it a little more challenging for myself I will also be packing up my house in this time frame, moving interstate and will be on the road a couple of Days of the challenge, so I will be crafting and blogging from the road whilst my wonderful Bro-in-law drives for a little while ( the 15th and 16th of June)...Thanks to my smart phone and the wonders of technology!!!

Kate xx


  1. Sooooo excited about the challenge! Not so excited to hear you're moving interstate though :'0(

    1. Great to hear, I am excited too...first time I have done anything like great to meet next weekend as well :) The moving part is not so great, as have made some great friends here, but am moving back to family which is good :)

  2. Maybe your Bro-in-law will join you on your challenge...I can't guarantee the quality though!

  3. oooh you have a blog :) Yeah not sure what Rod would come up with...would be interesting though :)