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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Wedding Album Inspiration - Mixed Media and picasa...

 It has been a couple of weeks now since the 30 Day Craft Challenge ended and I have blogged. I am slowly getting into the swing of things and have my self sorted at my temporary home - today I decided to play around with photos and effects for my long put off wedding album :0) And I have just discovered Picasa and Love it so I am putting together some photos whilst sitting in the sun with the dog :)
This photo is of my sister in law helping to put on my wedding Jewellry!
I love craft and creating with paper but I also get a thrill out of creating with beautiful photos - and there are so many to choose from!!! Thanks to my wonderful family and friends and our fabulous photographer on the day Sarah from Heath Wade photography Newcastle, NSW. Would love people to share any programs and Ideas (prefferably in the way of mixed media) that they may have seen or used in there own or someone elses Wedding Album :) I will also be sharing some of my techniques I have used or will be using in the quest to get my wedding album finally finished...
Leave me a message if you have an idea or your own blog to share!! Love to be inspired by others creativity - in fact I just thought of an idea for a new challenge...A wedding page a week? ...thought A day may be a little ambitious :) But a week will guarentee me finished in a year ...join me in this challenge if you have any unfinished albums that have been sitting around for some time or you would like to create some pages of your love.
Kate xx
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