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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The ART of spirit...

...with all the changes to FaceBook recently, I was left contemplating my business whist lying in bed last night and what these changes meant to me?! I lay there thinking and worrying (mainly worrying because I am pretty good at it) about the potential loss my business would suffer and a better way to advertise my wares. With only one potential market stall before christmas and very little money to advertise I was left blank. Finally I decided to let it go, not ignore the problem, but put it aside for the night to think about for tomorrow.
And it was the right way to go, today I woke up in the usual way, took hubby to work, ate my breakfast and over my usual Green Tea and Jasmine, checked my emails.
To my excitement (I can get very excited!) I found two emails waiting for me, for two market stalls I had been accepted into, one I thought clashed with the one I had already committed to but actually didnt, and the second was one I had applied to earlier,  been unsuccessful the first time but spaces had opened up and I was now in!
So now with 3 market stalls up my sleeve and a million and one ideas rolling around in my head for merchandise I was buzzing!!!
I again went about my business and carried on with my day...elated by my morning emails.
Whilst on my usual erand run I got a phone was a friend who was offering some free advertising in exchange for a prize, Fabulous! I snapped it up, and it is the perfect demographic of local people to advertise through.
To top of my exciting day, I got an email back from a representative at Cristina re (my favourite paper of all time if you know me I am sure I have mentioned it once or twice ;o)) saying that the donation I had asked for, the "cards for the troops" day was on its way...
hmmm...great day!

what can I not worry about tonight?....

Peace Out xxxooo

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